Working Together

Community Support - A Road Map When the Path Isn't Clear

Each spring our staff hit the roads to meet with community leaders, volunteers and organizations! It doesn’t matter if you are working to rebuild a recreation board, looking for training for museum staff or starting a senior’s fitness program. We’re knowledgeable. We have lots of great ideas. We’ll come to you - and right now, we'll do that using Zoom video meetings!

As our province progresses through the Re-Open Saskatchewan phases, we are all preparing for future operations. Would you like to connect with the other culture, recreation and sport organizations in your community, and surrounding area, in a virtual way? 
Virtual is a digital (Zoom, over the computer) way to discover what the organizations in your community are doing, what their plans are for re-opening, and to share valuable resources.
Connect with the South West District today and we will help coordinate and host a community discussion.
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Recreation Boards are the heart of a community, providing key leadership for community growth. When resources are limited, volunteers feel overworked, and systems aren’t working the way they should, it can feel overwhelming to know where to turn for support.

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA), in partnership with the South West District for Culture, Recreation, and Sport Inc. (SWDCRS), offers support for volunteer recreation boards.

We’ll work with you to identify what you have, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Contact any of our offices for more info:
Anne, Maple Creek Program Office, 306-662-3242
Elizabeth, Leader Program Office, 306-628-1019