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» What We Do


Meeting others working in the sport, culture, or recreation fields is essential when you have questions about best practices, how to develop new ideas, need budgeting tips, wonder about board/council reporting, and the list goes on. Whether a paid staffer, a community volunteer, a youth leader or an office administrator, these networking opportunities help you build a vibrant community. Join our email list to receive all the latest meeting dates and times.

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Recreation Round-Table Zoom Meetings | Next Meeting is February 08, 2023

Event Date & Time


Registration Deadline

Pre-register in advance.





The next recreation Round Table is February 8, 2023.

Meetings are round-table format, last about an hour, and are an excellent opportunity to ask questions of others working in community recreation.

Join us to network, share ideas and find out what’s happening across our district.

To join the meeting, contact Elizabeth, elizabeth@gosouthwest.ca, 306-993-4828.

We’re Planning Ahead | Hosts Wanted

Event Date & Time

Fall and Spring

We have our fingers crossed that Gatherings will soon be in person!

Is your community or group interested in hosting the next Community RECREATION Gathering (spring) or the next Community CULTURAL Gathering (fall)?

Do you have a program or facility you would like to showcase?

Would you like to host 15-25 people from across the District?

We want to know! Download our Expression of Interest page with all the details and let us know.