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The SWDCRS has two program offices located in Leader and Moose Jaw, as well as an administration office in Moose Jaw.

If you have any questions about how the SWDCRS can work with your community or organization, our Community Consultants would be pleased to offer assistance.

Elizabeth's 5 Years and Favorite Things
Elizabeth’s 5 Years and Favorite Things

Leader Program Office

Elizabeth Heatcoat
Community Consultant
PO Box 868, Leader, SK S0N 1H0
Phone: 306-993-4828 (NEW)
Fax: 306-993-4827 (NEW)
Email: elizabeth@gosouthwest.ca

  • The South West District recognizes employees who have reached milestones in years of service.
  • This year we recognize Elizabeth Heatcoat for 5 years with the South West District.
  • Elizabeth joined the team in 2018. She stepped wholeheartedly into the role of Community Consultant with a natural talent to make meaningful and lasting connections with our communities and community leaders.
  • She has developed a keen understanding of the district’s community engagement goals and through her work, helped us achieve new milestones.
  • Elizabeth has been instrumental in re-shaping the district’s workshop/event planning to be more partnership focused.
  • She is committed to being a strong reconciliation and inclusion ally, increasing our connections with local Knowledge Keepers, at the Treaty 4 Gathering, and through other partnerships.
  • Elizabeth is filled with positive energy, and she keeps the rest of the team on our toes to keep up! We are more than simply happy to work with her each day, we are grateful for all she brings to the team, to the District, and to our communities. 
  • Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth on her milestone with the South West District.

Moose Jaw Program Office

Brennen Ronovsky
Community Consultant
PO Box 2234, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7W6
Phone: 306-693-7304
Fax: 306-693-7307
Email: brennen@gosouthwest.ca

Moose Jaw Administration Office

Christie Saas
Executive Director

PO Box 2234, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7W6
Phone: 306-694-5525
Fax: 306-694-7907
Email: christie@gosouthwest.ca