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Committed Board Members Wanted
Committed Board Members Wanted

The South West District Board acts as the voice for the communities, groups, and volunteers in the culture/recreation/sport sectors of the District. It is important that the Board is reflective of the communities the District serves.

The South West District Board is a policy governance board, with 3 core functions.

  1. To develop strategy.
  2. To write governing policy.
  3. To assuring the organization meets its strategic priorities.

Joining the South West Board is an opportunity to participate in the big-picture strategic vision for the District. You’ll work with others in the culture/recreation/sport sectors and will gain valuable leadership experience.

The South West District believes that all people contribute to the diversity and richness of community culture, recreation and sport. Everyone is welcome and supported.

If you are interested in running for the Board or making a nomination, we encourage you to speak with our Administration Office for additional details.

Deadline for applications is May 1st.

Our current board members are:

Rebecca Anderson (Chair)

Lori Crighton (Vice-Chair)

Dana Dale (Director of Finance)

Donna Marentette

Emily Bamforth 

Margaret Carey
Bushell Park

Rosa Vazquez