Committed Board Members Wanted

It’s hard to get experience as a volunteer board member.

Every year, we hear from volunteers across the district that there is simply no training to become a volunteer board member.

Where do you go to learn about board governance? Where can you see Robert’s Rules in action? How do you learn to write policies and monitor staff reports? How much time is required?

As a new board member, you’ll receive introductory training in policy governance and have lots of time to ask as many questions as you like.

We pair up experienced board members, “board buddies”, with new board members, to explain the little details that are unique to the South West District board.

You will have the opportunity to participate in board discussions, learn how to make board decisions, join a board committee, learn more about becoming a volunteer board member, and best of all, take everything you learn back to other groups.

Every second month, board members meet for a 2-hour virtual meeting. No travel required!
Once a year, the South West District Board meets in person for an all-expenses paid, 1-day professional development and planning session.

Being a volunteer board member can be very rewarding, but it can take a long time to gain the experience to understand how to do the job. You can struggle trying to figure things out on your own, learning over the years.

Or you can join the South West District board of directors and build your volunteer board experience with a supporting team.

We are looking for volunteers to join the South West District board starting in June.

Please pass this along if you know someone who might be a great fit.

Deadline for applications is May 1st.

Our current board members are:

Rebecca Anderson (Chair)

Lori Crighton (Vice-Chair)

Dana Dale (Director of Finance)

Donna Marentette

Rosa Vazquez

Shaya Stanley
Maple Creek

Tatiana Makguigan