About Us

Our Work Is Driven by Your Needs

Who is the South West District?

2018 Cultural Gathering in Gravelbourg
2018 Cultural Gathering in Gravelbourg

We are a small, but mighty, team of 3 people located in Moose Jaw and Leader.

What does South West District do?

We work with people in southwest Saskatchewan to help them develop their community culture, recreation, and sport programs.

The most important work we do is meeting with you! From recreation boards to administrators, museums, band councils, and community groups, we want you to succeed, so we:

  • Help you navigate the world of community culture, recreation, and sport
  • Help you find funding
  • Suggest programs and partnerships that might be a great fit for your group
  • Offer the training you need

Each year we host gatherings for community culture and recreation people to get together for learning, fellowship, and networking.

  • Community Cultural Gathering (in the Fall)
  • Community Recreation Gathering (in the Spring)
  • Recreation Practitioner Meetings (year-round)

Gatherings are open to anyone in the South West District (and neighbours). We encourage groups to embrace a broad definition of culture and recreation, and attend both the spring and fall gatherings.

We’ve offered some great workshops in the past:

grant writing workshop in Mossbank
grant writing workshop in Mossbank
  • Grant Writing
  • Sponsorship Development
  • Communities in Bloom
  • Virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise
  • Nonprofit Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Nonprofit Board Finance Basics
  • Appropriations vs. Appreciation
  • Public Art
  • Online Raffles
  • Rethinking Prairie History

…and training ..(we have a lot on the go!)

  • Sport Medicine Monthly
  • NCCP – making Ethical Decisions
  • Ball Diamond and Sports Field Maintenance
  • Playground Safety
  • Infrastructure Bootcamp
  • Principles of Healthy Childhood Development

…and partnerships, did we mention partners!

  • Recreation Board Development – for rec boards of any size or at any stage (partnership with Sask Parks and Rec)
  • Canoe Kayak in the community
  • Rowing in the community
  • Treaty 4 Gathering
  • Museum Networks, promotion
  • Swift Current Truth and Reconciliation
  • Micro Grant funding

How does South West District decide what programs to offer?

Most of our programs come from your suggestions! That’s why we try to meet with as many people as possible each year.

Here’s an example: You told us you want to learn more about grant writing budgets and summer student grant. …we’ve got a one-hour quick learn series on the way.

We’ve got a lot of great ideas for the coming months that you suggested!

Forever in..Motion training group photo
Forever in..Motion training group photo
  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Spring Series – Aquatics
  • Spring Series – Communities in Bloom
  • Spring Series – Playground Safety
  • Spring Series – Developing Green Spaces
  • One-Hour Quick-Learn – Grant Budgets
  • One-Hour Quick-Learn – Registered Charity vs. Nonprofit
  • One-Hour Quick-Learn – Summer Student Grants
  • Being the Nonprofit Board Chair
  • Being the Nonprofit Board Treasurer

“The District is very informative, easy to talk to.”

“Excellent workshop, very helpful and educational.”

“Terrific, great to meet new people and make connections while learning.”

“Great job, as always from any that I have attended.”

How can people connect with South West District?

What does SWDCRS mean?

Those are our initials for our loooong name. South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport Inc. You can just call us South West, we’re friends now! 😉

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get to work!