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Membership Has Its Benefits

Time to renew your membership

Spring is the time to renew your community membership!

Just one community membership helps your community (and area) residents enjoy:

  • $0 registration fees at District programs and workshops (excluding NCCP)
  • Travel support when attending District events

Not sure if your community is a member? Click here for the on-line membership list.

Active Memberships (voting) are open to all communities and organizations/groups that provide services in culture, recreation and sport, and are within District boundaries. Active members are entitled to ONE VOTE at membership meetings.

Associate Memberships (non-voting) are open to other organizations/groups, or individuals, that support the purposes and functions of the District. Associate members are NON-VOTING.

Memberships cost $30 and expire March 31 of each year.

Remember to check with your community recreation board, committee or administrator before submitting your membership form. Only one membership is needed per community to enjoy membership benefits.