Photograph/Video Consent Policy

Photograph(s)/video(s) are taken at South West District events and programs to be used for promotional or public awareness initiatives.

Participants/attendees at SWDCRS events and programs are asked to initial a Photograph(s)/Video(s) Release when completing their Registration Form.

By providing an initialed Photograph(s)/Video(s) Release, participants/attendees:

  • Provide their unqualified permission for the SWDCRS to use the photograph(s)/video(s), in which they appear, in any manner or form whatsoever, either wholly or in part, as determined appropriate by SWDCRS
  • Provide their unqualified permission for the SWDCRS to use the photograph(s)/video(s), in which they appear, provincially and/or nationally in public relations/advertising/awareness material in print and/or electronic format developed by SWDCRS, including but not limited to website, reports, displays, newsletters, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and/or brochures
  • Understand that the photograph(s)/video(s), in which they appear, is the property of SWDCRS and may be used indefinitely at SWDCRS’ discretion and that they own no copyright to the photograph(s)/video(s)
  • Waive any moral right they may have in the photograph(s)/video(s) and waive the right to inspect or approve the photograph(s)/video(s) or any captions to texts that may be used in conjunction with the photograph(s)/video(s), or to approve the use to which such material may be applied
  • Release the SWDCRS and its assigns and agents from any and all liability for any damage, injury or cause of action arising from the use or publication of the photograph(s)/video(s)

Photograph(s)/video(s) of minors require parental consent.

Photograph(s)/video(s) without consent will be permanently deleted from the District’s photo collection.

Travel Support Policy

Travel support is made available to residents of member communities within the South West District in the amount of $0.20/km to attend a District program/event within District boundaries.

Membership fees must be paid within 30 days of event to receive Travel Support.

Travel support may be discontinued if program budgets do not have sufficient funding capacity.