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There are so many fantastic stories in the South West District. We want to share some of them with you!

SaskScapes - Episode 88 - The Avonlea Heritage Museum
Feb 7, 2019

SaskScapes, is Saskatchewan’s premier podcast featuring stories of arts, culture and heritage in the province.

In Episode 88, Kevin Power is joined by guests who have a passion for the history found inside museums. In this episode he focuses on the Avonlea Heritage Museum in Avonlea, Saskatchewan. The former CNR station, built in 1912 now proudly displays artifacts that take visitors on a journey back in time.

The Avonlea museum has taken advantage of funding available through the Canada Summer Jobs and Young Canada Works funding made available by the Canadian Government. This funding allows the museum to hire students to work at the museums full-time.

This episode of SaskScapes features three of the students who have worked at the museum. Tanner, Jaida and Micah share their passion for the job, their love of the area, and some really entertaining stories about frightening mannequins and pump organs!

General Manager, Cathy Geisler and Board member Darlene Watson are also featured in this episode and discuss the benefits of hiring students, the gratitude for the funding, and the passion and pride they take in their community and museum.

Indeed, there is a road to Avonlea...and we suggest you take it on your next trip!

Kevin Power’s “aural archive” of Saskatchewan people and their stories launched its first season in 2014. Now in the 5th season, the podcast series is available on all major podcasting apps including iTunes and Google Play. There are over 120 hours of fantastic conversation to hear - from rural and urban communities – within many of the districts in the province. Artists, authors, actors, musicians, museums, festivals, libraries, bakers, farmers, First Nations, Métis, and LGBTQ; SaskScapes has been there.

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