Making Every Nickel Count

Please visit our Other Funding page for a comprehensive list of funding sources.

Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant (ACSDG)

The Aboriginal Community Sport Grant provides funding for greater sport participation and development opportunities for Aboriginal youth in Saskatchewan. The program assists and supports the implementation of organized community sport programs to increase sport opportunities for Aboriginal youth. Funding can be awarded up to $5,000, per program.

Applications are accepted April 1 to October 15 each year or until the funding pool has been exhausted. Programs and funds must be completed by March 31st.

If mailing the application, please use an Express Post envelope (or similar) and keep the receipt for tracking purposes. If emailing the application, we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt email when opening the application.

Applications must be received BEFORE the project begins. Please remember applications for past/existing projects/activities will be declined.

Travel Support to Attend District Programs

Travel support is made available to residents of member communities within the South West District in the amount of $0.20/km to attend a District program/event within District boundaries. Membership fees must be paid within 30 days of event to receive Travel Support.

Travel support is available until funding pool is exhausted. Please check with your Community Consultant to confirm funding availability.

Support to Attend Training

The South West District has a small fund pool available for residents of member communities to attend training opportunities (non-District). Applications must be received well before the training program begins.

TO APPLY, please send an email to your Community Consultant at least 2 weeks prior to training, explaining:

  • What training do you want to attend?
  • Why do you want to attend this training?
  • What is the estimated distance to attend the training?
  • Will you have costs other than travel?
  • When is the training?

Funding to attend conferences, networking events, or meetings (including AGMs) is not eligible. Applications received less than 2 weeks before the training are not eligible.

Payment will be made by reimbursement after receiving a FOLLOW-UP email that includes:

  • Proof the training was attended (note from instructor, certificate of completion, etc.)
  • Answer: How did the training help you?
  • Answer: What challenges will your community or group be able to overcome or reduce because of what you learned at the training?
  • Answer: Do you SELF-IDENTIFY as a member of any of the following?
    • Indigenous
    • New Canadian
    • Youth (29 or under)
    • Youth (18 or under)

Training support is available until funding pool is exhausted. Please check with your Community Consultant to confirm funding availability.