Our Work Is Driven by Your Needs

The South West District works with communities, organizations, and leaders, to help grow culture, recreation, and sport in southwest Saskatchewan. Using your suggestions, we develop training programs (think grant writing, newcomer engagement, etc.) and hold networking meetings (such as community recreation, or community culture). We meet with community leaders (from recreation boards, to administrators, and museums) to help navigate the world of culture, recreation, and sport. We want you to succeed and we strive to find the right information you need to find that funding, train your staff, or try out a new program.

The South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport Inc. (SWDCRS) is an inclusive organization that understands, values, participates, and advocates for culture, recreation and sport. We are your ears to the ground for the culture, recreation and sport sectors. We love to share the information we learn to help you realize your dreams of a vibrant and active community.

You can connect with us directly by contacting one of our Community Consultants to chat by phone, or schedule a time for a sit-down meeting in your community.

You can read more by visiting our web site and exploring the programs we have planned for the months ahead.

You can follow us on Twitter @SWDCRS or Facebook, to receive all the news from our culture-recreation-sport friends from around the district and province.

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We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get to work! 

"The District is very informative, easy to talk to."
"Excellent workshop, very helpful and educational."
"Terrific, great to meet new people and make connections while learning."
"Great job, as always from any that I have attended."